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 This site helps you find the kids magazines that you are looking for online.


Kids love getting a magazine of their own each month in the mail.  There are many periodicals to choose from, so it is easy to subscribe to one that they will like.  See below many children's magazines to choose from.  Click on a magazine cover to find the best values on a subscription.


Fun for Kidz

Fun for Kidz

Fun for Kidz is a new, fun-filled activity magazine for boys ang girls ages 5 through 13.

Owl Magazine

Owl (1year)

Owl challenges kids 9-13 with articles on science, technology and the natural world.

Pack-O-Fun Magazine

Pack-O-Fun (1 year)

Pack-O-Fun is a wonderful kids crafting magazine. Every issue is filled with creative how-to projects and activities that kids love. Get inspired with dozens of ideas for Christmas, Halloween and all the holidays and seasons. Make fantastic crafts using inexpensive household items. Build self-esteem with easy projects for kids of all ages. Kids love all the fun activities in Pack-O-Fun!

Ranger Rick Magazine

Ranger Rick

Boys and girls age 7 and older love Ranger Rick! This fun and educational magazine is packed with amazing stories, fantastic photos, great games and much more that help kids sharpen their reading skills and develop a deeper appreciation for our natural world. Every issue brings kids close to nature's cuddly creatures with wild animal photos, cool nature facts, fun games, puzzles and crafts, real kid adventures and so much more! Give that special child the amazing adventures of the #1 nature magazine for kids! Ranger Rick is packed with wild, wacky, wonderful fun!

Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes

Features stories as well as activity pages for juveniles.

Scooby-Doo Magazine


Follow the comedic mystery solving antics of Scooby-Doo and gang originally from the classic Saturday morning animated series.

Official Word Search Puzzles Magazine

Official Word Search Puzzles

Official Word Search Puzzles provides hours of fun for every member of the family with its huge array of word puzzles. This is a jumbo word search magazine that offers hours of entertainment, no matter what your level of expertise may be!

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

National Geographic Little Kids

Everything you need to help your preschooler become a bright, curious explorer can be found in the pages of National Geographic Little Kids. Captivating animal stories develop prereading and reading skills as well answer questions about kids' favorite creatures. Features about different cultures bring the world to your child and inspire a sense of understanding. Interactive experiments introduce simple science, and fun puzzles and games teach logic, counting, and so much more.

National Geographic Kids Magazine

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids magazine makes it fun to learn about the world! National Geographic Kids focuses on all the subjects of most interest to kids ages 6 to 14. Every issue of National Geographic Kids is packed with animals, entertainment, science, technology, current events, cultures from around the world and much more. Plus, National Geographic Kids also includes large pullout posters and maps, collectible trading cards, contests, stickers and a colorful Fun Stuff section devoted to challenging games, puzzles and comics.

Sports Illustrated for Kids Magazine

Sports Illustrated for Kids (6 Issues)

Sports Illustrated for Kids covers sports the way kids like it. Enjoy interviews with sports heroes, hilarious comics, awesome action photos, and much more.

Boy's Quest Magazine

Boy's Quest

Boy's Quest magazine is packed with adventure stories, comics, knot-tying, building, science, math, jokes, riddles and more for boys 6-13.

Humpty Dumpty Magazine

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty: The famous Humpty leads the way as kids 4-6 explore their very own magazine, complete with games, puzzles, activities, rebus stories, and more. Plenty to do and plenty to share with Mom and Dad.

Jack And Jill Magazine

Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill: Intermediate readers 7-10 enjoy playful pals Jack and Jill, who offer stories, articles, profiles on interesting kids, recipes, fun ideas, and interesting diversions that make busy hands and happy faces.


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