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About Big Brother in the UK


Big Brother features 12 "housemates" that agree to live with one another for several months while being filmed 24/7 and being broadcast on internet live feeds. After various competitions and reward challenges each week one housemate is voted out until one winner remains.


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Big Brother Video Games


Big Brother (Jewel Case)

Big Brother Series II - the Game


Big Brother UK Videos


Big Brother 4 - News from the 2003 Big Brother experience. Includes Audition tapes and interviews, Multi camera angles, ’Leprechaun Orgy night’ and ‘Piggygate’, Anouska in Big Brother Australia

Big Brother - Uncut 3 - This video covers the third season with all it's ups and downs.  See Sunita and Sandy walk or in Sandy's case climb out of the show.  Follow Jades antics and Kate win the ultimate prize.


   Big Brother - Uncut 2 - This compilation brings you the best and worst of the household's antics: from Brian's comedy moments to Paul and Helen's will--they-won't-they audience grabber.
  Big Brother - Uncut - The Official Video- To add some spice, Channel 4 have included scenes that were "too hot" for television


Big Brother UK Books


"Big Brother" 4 - This "Big Brother" expose features: interviews with the contestants; the auditions that whittle the wannabees down to the chosen few; photographs and interviews with the selectors; horoscopes, palm readings and profiles of each housemate; past housemates; and "Big Brothers" around the world.
   Big Brother: The Unseen Story - This book charts the entire series, from concept through to Craig's triumph, taking us inside the minds of the participants and revealing the dynamics behind their sexual and power struggles.
  Big Brother 2 - This book charts the entire series taking us inside the minds of the participants and revealing the dynamics behind their sexual and power struggles. In a welcome addition, housemates from the original BB contribute their own thoughts and reminiscences.
"Big Brother" Quote Book - This book is packed with the greatest one-liners from the show. Relive the best of Brian's non-stop wit, Helen's natural charm and Narinder's put-downs, as well as their most memorable thoughts on "stuff", "Elvis", the "Big Brother" experience, and one another.
   Inside "Big Brother" - This new book gives unique insights from the hunt for a new home for the 'Big Brother' house to the huge selection process for contestants. This book is meant to be a fun reading experience. It is unpredictable and spontaneous. You never know when a box full of great facts for the avid 'Big Brother' fan will appear mid-sentence.


Big Brother UK Music


Big Brother 2003 Soundtrack - Includes "Theme From Big Brother - Element Four".
Big Brother Album - This is a great dance music compilation, which further adds to the kudos factor that the show held with the great British public.
Big Brother Theme - Theme music for the show.




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