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 This site helps you find the Turtle Calendars that you are looking for online.


Turtle lovers love getting a calendar with a new Turtle picture to enjoy each month.  Every 2014 calendar has a new Turtle theme photo for each month of the year.  If your special friend has a Turtle or just have a thing for Turtles, they would be sure to love the gift of a Turtle calendar. Click on a Turtle calendar cover below to find the best offers available on these items.  


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Turtles 2014 Wall Calendar

Turtles 2014 Wall Calendar

Reptiles of the order Testudines, turtles live both on land and at sea. These slow-moving reptiles are amazing survivors. Their ancestors date back more than two hundred million years. No doubt their staying power is due in large part to their bony hard shell, which protects vital organs, and a retractable head. This fascinating calendar surveys a diverse collection of turtles from all around the world.

Sea Turtles 2014 Wall Calendar

Sea Turtles 2014 Wall Calendar

Reptiles of the order Testudines, sea turtles are one of the oldest species on the planet, with ancestors dating back more than 200 million years. These "survivors" get their staying power from their bony and hard shells, which protect vital organs and a retractable head. Let the venerable subjects of this inspiring calendar provide a shining example of facing old age with dignity. EAN: 9781465017611

Turtles 2014 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Turtles 2014 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Two hundred million years ago, these self-contained creatures shared Earth with the dinosaurs. Yet long after the demise of their contemporaries, turtles live on. It is not surprising, then, that they have been associated with strength, endurance and longevity throughout history, however slowly they they may move. In Turtles 2014, world-renowned photographers catch an intriguing array of these ancient reptiles on film. The detailed images provide a captivating glimpse into the environment and behavior of turtles, while fascinating captions provide background information. Photographed in their natural settings, these distinctive turtles reveal the qualities that made their ancestors such survivors. ISBN: 1552975037 EAN: 9781552975039

Hawaiian Sear Turtles 2014 Wall Calendar

Hawaiian Sea Turtles 2014 Wall Calendar

Enjoy a taste of Aloha with this Hawaiian 12 Month Deluxe 11"x11" Wall Calendar -featuring the Photography of Michael and Monica Sweet. This calendar features a selection of twelve Hawaiian seascapes by the award winning team of Michael and Monica Sweet. Their photographic technique represents a fusion of Ansel Adams' classic "Zone System" and explorations in the new possibilities offered by the "digital darkroom". The results show expanded color gamuts and tonal ranges previously not achievable in the photographic medium. This twelve month calendar features spacious grids with Hawaiian, International Holidays, and Moon phases. Earth Friendly, printed with Soya-Based Inks on Chlorine Free, 100% Plantation-Grown Pulp Paper. Opens to 11" wide x 22" high! EAN: 9781933735870

Sea Turtles WWF 2014 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Sea Turtles WWF 2014 Deluxe Wall Calendar

After more than 200 million years of existence, six of the seven species of sea turtle are listed on the IUCN Red List as Endangered or Critically Endangered. As soon as they hatch, they must run for their lives in a mad dash for the sea. Having reached the water, they are at risk from predators, over-harvesting, and increasing destruction of their nesting beaches. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is committed to raising awareness and implementing measures to ensure the survival of these ancient marine reptiles. In the U.S. and Canada, WWF receives 50 cents for each 2014 WWF calendar purchased, with a guaranteed contribution of $50,000. EAN: 9781620211144







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