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 This site helps you find the Tarantula Calendars that you are looking for online.


Tarantula lovers love getting a calendar with a new Tarantula picture to enjoy each month.  Every 2011 calendar has a new Tarantula theme photo for each month of the year.  If your special friend has a Tarantula or just have a thing for Tarantulas, they would be sure to love the gift of a Tarantula calendar. Click on a Tarantula calendar cover below to find the best offers available on these items.  


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Tarantulas 2011 Wall Calendar

Tarantulas 2011 Wall Calendar

"Enjoy a dozen photos of large, hairy tarantulas in this new wall calendar for 2011. The calendar has a large grid for making notes of those special dates to remember. Moon phases and horoscopes are also listed as well as all public holidays."








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