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 This site helps you find the pet and animal magazines that you are looking for online.


Whether you like dogs, cats, horses or ferrets, pet lovers enjoy keeping up with the latest news and developments regarding their pet friends.  The magazines below are among the most popular available for the animal companions that they cover.  Click on a pet magazine cover or a magazine link to find the best offers available on these periodicals.


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Audubon Magazine  

Bird Times  

Bird Watcher's Digest -- 6 issues  

Birder's World -- 6 issues  

Birds and Bloomsicon

Wild Bird -- 6 issues  




American Farriers Journal -- 7 issues

American Turf Monthly -- 12 issues



Horse & Rider -- 12 issues  

Horse Illustrated -- 12 issues  

Natural Horse  

Practical Horseman  

Saddle and Bridle  

Western Horseman  

Young Rider  




Reptiles -- 12 issues  




Tropical Fish Hobbyist  




Cat Fancy -- 12 issues  

Cats Magazine 

I Love Cats 




Dog & Kennel -- 6 issues  

Dog Fancy -- 12 issues  

Dog World  

Just Labs -- 5 issues  

Pointing Dog Journal - 8 issues  

Retriever Journal, The -- 8 issues  








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