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 This site helps you find the horse and horse racing magazines that you are looking for online.


Horse lovers love getting a monthly horse magazine to keep up with the latest about horses.  If your special friend has a horse, they would be sure to love the gift of a horse magazine. Click on a horse magazine cover below to find the best offers available on these periodicals.  


Practical Horseman

Practical Horseman

Practical Horseman is the number one how-to magazine for English-style riders. It presents step-by-step training programs and showing advice from recognized experts in hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage, and eventing, along with money- and time-saving ideas on health care and stable management.

Horse Illustrated Magazine

Horse Illustrated

Horse Illustrated magazine promotes sensible, intelligent horse management through informative and entertaining articles. Written for responsible, caring horse owners, every monthly issue of Horse Illustrated covers health care, medical, English and western training, grooming, stable equipment and tack, the latest news and information about the horse industry, and much more!

Horse & Rider Magazine

Horse & Rider

The premiere magazine for Western riders, every issue of Horse & Rider features articles on training by the country's leading experts, the latest on equine health care from top veterinarians, trail riding tips from savvy back country riders and much more.

Equine Journal Magazine

Equine Journal

Equine Journal is a monthly, all-breed/discipline publication for horse enthusiasts throughout New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the Midwest region.

Equine Wellness Magazine

Equine Wellness

Equine Wellness -- A respected and sought-after resource, Equine Wellness appeals to horse enthusiasts in all disciplines. Empower yourself with leading edge information on integrative health, natural diet, supplements, natural horsemanship, complimentary therapies, barefoot hoofcare and so much more. Subscribe today!

Equus Magazine


Equus is one of the premier reference guides to horse health care, behavior, training & riding. Each issue offers the latest information from the world's top veterinarians, equine researchers, riders and trainers on understanding and influencing equine behavior, the warning signs of illness, and solving riding and training problems.

Western Shooting Horse

Western Shooting Horse

In every issue you'll find the latest Shooting Horse news, articles on training by leading experts, the latest on equine health care, competition tips from the sport's best riders, interviews with industry leaders, and much more!








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