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 This site helps you find the Hamster Calendars that you are looking for online.


Hamster lovers love getting a calendar with a new Hamster picture to enjoy each month.  Every 2014 calendar has a new Hamster theme photo for each month of the year.  If your special friend has a Hamster or just have a thing for Hamsters, they would be sure to love the gift of a Hamster calendar. Click on a Hamster calendar cover below to find the best offers available on these items.  


Click the thumbnail of a Hamster calendar to see a larger version or to find out how to purchase it.

Hamsters 2014 Wall Calendar

Hamsters 2014 Wall Calendar

While its natural habitat is a desert or steppe in Asia, the hamster has long been a popular, low-maintenance pet for youngsters. These small, nocturnal rodents have short tails. Their large cheeks are for storing food. Hamster coat colors vary, but golden hamsters seem to be the most popular. For anyone who has ever had a hamster, this wall calendar will fill your heart with joy. EAN: 9781465010667

Hamsters 2014 Wall Calendar

Hamsters 2014 Wall Calendar

This wall calendar for 2014 is filled with photographs of unbelievably cute hamsters. Each month will bring a smile to your face. The perfect gift for any hamster lover! ISBN: 1617913146 UPC: 825600043147

Hamsters 2014 Slimline Wall Calendar

Hamsters 2014 Slimline Wall Calendar

Is there anything cuter than a hamster with its cheeks full of food? For anyone that has ever had a hamster or still has one, this slimline calendar is for them. The pictures of these creatures will fill hearts with joy. Eye these adorable hamsters hard at work, play and of course...eating. This slimline calendar helps to show why so many love the guinea pig. Measuring 6" x 16.5", the slimline calendar format has a columnar shape and features line-by-line date presentation. This wire-o bound calendar is stylish and hangs easily on any wall. EAN: 9781465018571


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