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 This site helps you find the bird magazines that you are looking for online.


Bird lovers love getting a monthly bird magazine to keep up with the latest about our airborn friends.  If your special friend has a bird, they would be sure to love the gift of a bird magazine. Click on a bird magazine cover below to find the best offers available on these periodicals.  


Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms--America's #1 bird and garden magazine brings beautiful backyards, gardens and wild birds into your living room with vivid, full-color photos, reader-shared stories and practical advice, tips and do-it-yourself projects.

Bird Watcher's Digest

Bird Watcher's Digest

Bird Watcher's Digest is your guide to the joy of bird watching! Every issue is packed with captivating photographs, beautiful illustrations, fascinating facts, useful information and advice and exciting experiences of seasoned bird watchers. Learn about unusual bird behavior. Discover the latest backyard feeding tips. Travel to thrilling bird watching destinations in the United States and beyond. See more birds and have more fun with Bird Watcher's Digest!

Bird Talk

Bird Talk

Bird Talk magazine provides pet bird owners with the latest avian information about health, nutrition, behavior, training, grooming, products, shows, clubs and much more! Every monthly issue of Bird Talk answers pet-care questions and includes in-depth profiles and photos of hundreds of species of birds, from canaries and finches to cockatoos and macaws. Plus, Bird Talk also brings you reader surveys, stories and photos about their pet birds, as well as a kids' page filled with drawings and letters about the family bird.

Audubon Magazine


Audubon, our bi-monthly flagship publication provides in each issue of this award-winning publication beautiful photography and provactive journalism.







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