2/13 Highlights from NBC's Primetime Coverage of the Vancouver Olympics



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2/13 Highlights from NBC's Primetime Coverage of the Vancouver Olympics 2/13/10

Apolo Ohno Wins First Team USA Medal; Hannah Kearney Earns First US Gold; JR Celski & Shannon Bahrke Earn Bronze

“He really reminds me a little bit of Tom Brady -- when the time comes to compete, he has the ability to flip the switch.” – NBC’s Collinsworth on Ohno

“She just boosted that thing to the moon.” – NBC’s Moseley on Kearney’s gold medal run

VANCOUVER Canada - Feb. 13, 2010 - Apolo Ohno won the first medal for Team USA at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games when he took silver in the men’s 1500 meters in short track. With the medal, Ohno tied former US speed skater Bonnie Blair for the most medals ever won by a US athlete in the Winter Games with six. US teammate J.R. Celski earned bronze in the same event, completing an astounding comeback from a career-threatening injury when he sliced his leg with his skate blade in September.

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Hannah Kearney won the USA’s first gold at the women’s freestyle moguls competition, defeating gold-medal favorite Jenn Heil from Canada, who took silver. The host nation is still in search of its first-ever gold on home soil. Team USA’s Shannon Bahrke earned bronze giving the US four medals on the first full day of competition.

CNBC’s coverage featured the women’s ice hockey game, Canada vs. Slovakia, which was won by the host nation by an Olympic-record 18-0 performance.

Below are highlights from NBC's Primetime coverage:

SHORT TRACK: Play-by-Play: Ted Robinson Analyst: Andy Gabel Reporter: Andrea Joyce

CRIS COLLINSWORTH TO BOB COSTAS ON SHORT TRACK: “This is my event. Want to know why? There are no judges. You’re not against a clock. All the competitors are on the track and they’re eyeball-to-eyeball and they just compete. That’s what’s really set Apolo Ohno apart because when he can get in that true competitive mode, as we saw in the quarter finals, he shines.”

COSTAS ON OHNO: “So he could’ve gone Hollywood, instead he went back to the gym and back to the ice.”

COLLINSWORTH ON OHNO: “He really reminds me a little bit of Tom Brady. He’s smooth, has all the answers and is good looking. But when the time comes to compete, he has the ability to flip the switch, really turn it on and compete against anybody.”

ROBINSON: “We wondered if that was the last time we’d see Apolo on ice (at Torino). He took some time, he danced a little bit, enjoyed himself, but there’s been no question that he’s returned more dedicated than ever -- and fitter than ever.”

ROBINSON ON THE CLOSE GOLD MEDAL FINISH: “Welcome back to short track, everyone! Just in case you’ve missed this sport in the last four years, America, welcome back! Astounding!”

ROBINSON: “J.R. Celski, six months after nearly bleeding out on the ice of the Olympic trials, has won a bronze medal.”

GABEL ON CELSKI: “We talked to him earlier and he said he goes from hoping to be alive to happy to being at the Olympic Games and now he has an Olympic medal. What an amazing finish! Seems to happen every time in the Olympic Games.”

OHNO ON HIS SIX OLYMPIC MEDALS AND TYING BONNIE BLAIR: “I’m here just because I love what I do. I’m having a good time. I’m still competing hard. What those long track speed skaters did was very different from what we do, so I can’t make the comparison, but it’s pretty cool.”

J.R. CELSKI: “It has just gone by so fast. I can’t even describe anything that’s going on right now. I’m just so happy to be here and happy to represent. Just everything is great.”

FREESTYLE SKIING: Play-by-Play: Todd Harris Analyst: Jonny Moseley Reporters: Tina Dixon and Dan Patrick

PATRICK ON THE CROWD TO SEE CANADIAN MOGULS SKIER JENN HEIL: “They showed up to see history. They showed up to see a coronation -- the queen of the hill in Jenn Heil.”

JENN HEIL TO DIXON: “It’s so amazing to be here at the Olympics in Canada. To have all my friends and family and supporters here, I’m just really enjoying the moment and setting the pace for the finals.”

HARRIS ON JENN HEIL BEFORE HER FINAL RACE: “Can you possibly imagine what is going through her mind, knowing that Canada has never won a gold medal on home soil? The weight of the nation on the shoulders of Jenn Heil.”

MOSELEY ON HANNAH KEARNEY’S GOLD MEDAL RUN: “She just boosted that thing to the moon.”

HARRIS: “827 feet of near-perfection. -- She’s done it. American Hannah Kearney wins gold and will extend the Canadian home drought another day.”

KEARNEY ON HER VICTORY: “Unbelievably rewarding. My trainer gave me a card this morning that had the number of jumps I’ve done, the hours of bike rides this summer, and it gave me a lot of confidence looking at how hard I trained for this Olympics. I knew I was prepared and it was redemption. I was so disappointed after my 2006 experience and I’ve had a good feeling about this all summer. I’m so glad I could perform at the highest level.”

KEARNEY ON BEING THE FIRST AMERICAN TO WIN A GOLD MEDAL: “My goal at this Olympics, changing it up from 2006, was to be part of an Olympic montage. And I think I’ve earned my spot, being the first American to win a gold medal. If I can set the tone for Team USA, that is a dream come true because now I get to be a super fan and attend all the events and cheer on everyone else. If anyone is watching, go USA!”

COSTAS: “Hannah, I can tell you for a fact that your wish will come true. You will be part of an Olympic montage.”

Below are highlights from NBC's Primetime coverage:

CNBC, Women’s Ice Hockey: Canada 18 vs. Slovakia 0 Bill Patrick (Host), Cammi Granato (Studio Analyst), Mike Emrick (Play-By-Play), AJ Mleczko (Analyst)

MLECZKO ON THE CONSTANT EXCITEMENT OF CANADIAN FANS: “This place erupted even with the 15th goal. They are excited. They have a lot of pride here.”

GRANATO LOOKING AHEAD TO THE RIVALRY OF U.S. AND CANADA: “It’s going to come between Canada and the U.S. That rivalry is heated and it’s intense. That’s what all of the hockey players want to see.”


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