Opening Ceremony of Vancouver Olympics Draws 67.5 Million US Viewers



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Opening Ceremony of Vancouver Olympics Draws 67.5 Million US Viewers 2/13/10


67.5 Million Viewers Watched Opening Ceremony on NBC; 17 Million More than Torino and Nearly 6 Million More Than Tabloid-Fueled Lillehammer Games in ‘94

32.6 Million Average Audience is 47% Higher than Torino

VANCOUVER Canada - February 13, 2010 - In the half-century of televised Olympics, NBC's coverage of the Opening Ceremony from Vancouver was the MOST WATCHED EVER for a non-U.S. Winter Olympics with 67.5 million total viewers, 17 million more than Torino in 2006 (50.2 million) and six million more than the tabloid-fueled 1994 Lillehammer Games (61.7 million) which stood for 16 years as the most-watched Opening Ceremony for a non-U.S. Games.

The Opening Ceremony on NBC averaged 32.6 million viewers, more than 10 million more and 47 percent higher than Torino (22.2 million) and earned a 17.3/30 national rating for an increase of 35 percent over Torino in 2006 (12.8/21).

The 32.6 million average viewers is the most for a non-U.S. Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in 16 years - just below the 33.8 million for the tabloid-fueled Lillehammer Games in 1994. The 17.3/30 national household rating is also the best for a non-U.S. Winter Games since Lillehammer.

The Washington Post said that “the Winter Games got off to a splendiferous start with the Opening Ceremony - with images that rivaled that of ‘Avatar.’ -- All of it was rendered splendid by NBC’s HD cameras and enhanced by discreet commentary from the anchors.”

NON-U.S. WINTER GAMES OPENING CEREMONY TOTAL AUDIENCE: 1. VANCOUVER - 2010 - 67.5 Million 2. *Lillehammer - 1994 - 62.0 million 3. Nagano - 1998 - 52.4 million 4. Torino - 2006 - 50.2 million 5. Albertville - 1992 - 46.7 million

*Fueled by the tabloid coverage of the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding scandal.

NBC Olympics Go for the Gold Sale
NBCOLYMPICS.COM UP 469% FROM TORINO: NBC’s Olympics website,, registered 4.8 million unique users for Day 1 of the Vancouver Games, 469 percent higher than the Day 1 of the last Winter Games in Torino in 2006 (861k) · The site also delivered 1.9 million video streams - 836% more than Torino’s first day (201K).

NBC OLYMPICS MOBILE APP IS NO. 1 ON ITUNES: NBC Olympics Mobile app, the No. 1 free app in the iTunes store, generated more two million page views yesterday.

METERED MARKET RATINGS BY TIME ZONE: Mountain Time Zone 21.2/36 Pacific Time Zone 19.8/36 Eastern Time Zone 18.9/31 Central Time Zone 18.6/30

TOP 20 METERED MARKETS FOR OPENING CEREMONY: 1. Seattle, 25.9/47 2. Milwaukee, 25.8/43 3. Denver, 25.4/44 4. St. Louis, 23.7/40 5. West Palm Beach, 23.3/35 6. Cleveland, 23.1/38 7. Salt Lake City, 22.3/39 8. Columbus, 21.8/37 9. Ft. Myers, 21.4/ 34 10. Detroit, 21.1/34 11. Portland, 21.1/39 12. Providence, 21.0/36 T13. Richmond, 20.9/33 T13. Baltimore, 20.9/32 15. Sacramento, 20.6/38 16. San Francisco, 20.3/39 T17. Boston, 20.2/36 T17. Indianapolis, 20.2/34 T17. Nashville, 20.2/30 T20. Chicago, 20.1/33 T20. Buffalo, 20.1/33

NBC Universal, broadcasting its record 12th Olympics the most Olympics broadcast by any network, will present more than 835 hours of Vancouver Olympic Winter Games coverage - representing the most total hours ever for a Winter Olympics, more than the last two Winter Olympics combined, and the most live hours ever for a Winter Games. The Vancouver Games are the first Winter Olympics to be presented entirely in high definition.

Dick Ebersol served as executive producer of NBC's Opening Ceremony coverage; David Neal, producer; and Bucky Gunts, director.

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