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About Tom Hanks


Thomas J. Hanks was born on July 9, 1956 in Concord, California. He spent his childhood in what he terms a 'fractured' family. His parents divorced when Tom was five; their father, Amos, a chef, raised him and his older brother and sister. The family moved frequently, finally settling in Oakland, where Tom attended Skyline High School. Hanks had no acting experience in college. However, he auditioned for a community theater play and received encouragement from the director. After a one-shot guest appearance on the show "Happy Days," producer Ron Howard asked him to read for a secondary part in the movie "Splash;" Hanks got the lead instead. That was the beginning of an illustrious film biography, which only gets better over time. Hanks met his first wife, actress/producer Samantha Lewes, while still in college. Married in 1978, the couple had two children, Colin and Elizabeth, before divorcing in 1987. The following year, Hanks married actress Rita Wilson, his co-star in "Volunteers." Tom and Rita have two children, Chester and Truman.


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